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What type of school is Gymnasium Jizni Mesto?

Gymnasium Jižní Město is a private six-year secondary grammar school for students between the ages of 13 to 19. It was established to provide broad and balanced education and to support personal growth of students together with preparing them for admission to university. Students pay fee, but our school is a non-profit organization, which means that all money is used exclusively for the development of school. The fee for this school year is approximately 1900 EURO

We focus on personal approach to all students, modern teaching methods and friendly atmosphere at school.

How many students are there in our school?

There are 275 students. There are 24 students in each class on average.

Does our school have any specificity?

The study is general with the possibility of intensification based on students’ interest and their future specialization- this is done through a range of optional and elective seminars.

Students can form their individual educational programmes based on their choice of these optional and elective seminars. Thanks to the system of these non-compulsory subjects we can qualify our students to be top programmers, young historians of art, semi-professional photographers, graphic designers and philosophers as well.

What are the admission criteria?

Passing of our admission interview is the only criterion for admission. Your ability to study is checked by means of a psychological test aiming at applicant’s communication capabilities.

What foreign languages can you study at our Gymnasium?

Our students have the option of studying 2 – 4 foreign languages (2 is the minimum and will be compulsory): English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese. There are about 10 students in each language group. Assignment into groups is based on the level of student’s knowledge of the respective language.

What methods do we use to teach foreign languages?

Based on results of a language placement test, which takes place at the beginning of every school year, the students of the first class are divided into study groups. The study groups include students of different classes because the only criterion is the level of their knowledge. There are two teachers for each study group. We lay emphasis on full qualification of all our language teachers including foreign lectors. The Czech teachers aim at developing the complex language skills of the students (grammar, reading, writing, realia). Foreign lectors are responsible for the development of students‘ communication capabilities, as well as their ability to understand daily life language. A foreign lector is employed only if he or she can prove the required qualification and previous pedagogical experience.

What do we offer to our students?

Except for the standard classrooms and communal area, here are two computer classrooms connected via broadband. Each student has his/her personal account with private space on a disc. It is possible to use a wireless connection for their notebooks. Students can also use a library containing about 6000 books, CD-Rs and videotapes. Students buy their own textbooks. It is possible to use a fast digital copy machine, a lot of study texts are placed on a school net, or students can get them by e-mail.

From other equipment, students can use a photo lab, an editing room, a ceramic kiln, an art activities room, and a music rehearsal room.

For sports activities, we hire gyms, a swimming pool and a muscle-conditioning gym. Not far from the school there is a park suitable for running, a cycle path not only for cycling but also for in-line skating.

And what makes the school atmosphere really interesting? It is a small tropical botanic garden where exotic birds live.

You can buy some food either in our snack bar or in a school canteen in a neighbouring primary school.

Who teaches at GJM?

Teachers are university educated and they have to go through a four-round public competition when applying for this job. The teaching staff members are young (35 years old on average), thus they are able to understand students more easily. We have 33 teachers altogether, including external teachers, half of them are men.

What optional and elective seminars does our school offer?

The first group of optional seminars deepens knowledge of basic Maturita subjects. These are mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history, geography, social sciences, philosophy, interpretation of literary works, aesthetics, history of art, descriptive geometry and laboratory technique seminars.

The second group of elective seminars is based on free time activities: programming, applied economics (fictive firm), ceramics, audiovisual production, film adaptation of literary works, psychology, religious studies, Latin, financial mathematics, global conflicts, sports (volleyball, floor ball), photography, school magazine edition, a drama club, band.

How does our school work with handicapped students?

Our school strongly supports education of talented, yet handicapped children, who suffer either from a physical handicap or from a learning disorder. Our school provides fee free education for physically handicapped students. The whole building is free of barriers, completely wheelchair accessible, and there is a special lift and a specially adjusted bathroom. At present there are three students in a wheelchair studying at school. Students with learning disorders can attend special Czech lessons to learn how to overcome their handicap. These students follow an individual programme in other lessons as well. Our teachers are trained to compensate for learning disorders in regular lessons.

When was the school established?

Our secondary school was established in 1991 and students started to attend the following school year. We have been successfully operating for the last twenty years.

Are there any out-of-school events organized for students?

The students do not begin the school year in the classroom. There is an introductory GO! course where they spend a week with their classroom teacher and professional instructors only. The goal of this course is to create a classroom team and get to know one another better. There is also an interactive ecological seminar for fourth year students.

Our school offers a one-week sport course (e.g. tennis, biking, canoeing, hiking), skiing courses, pre-maturita weekends, history excursions and Prague tours, educational trips as well as exchange student visits to various countries and the World Galleries tour programme.

Theatre enthusiasts often join the Young Spectator Club. Music enthusiasts regularly attend the Prague Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra.

How are students evaluated?

During the course of the year the knowledge and abilities of students are evaluated on a percentage basis. At the end of the school year, the students receive a school report. Additionally, they receive a written evaluation for all subjects describing their competencies.

What language certificates can our students obtain?

All students have to take the Maturita exam at the end of their studies. The objectivity is guaranteed by an independent teacher from another school who is the chairperson of the exam board. Any successful candidate obtains the Maturita report card.

The school, being certified by the International Educational Society London, can also issue international certificates that prove the quality of the school in accordance with international standards. The school was assigned the A rating („Highly erudite and professionally managed institution“) – at present, there is no other high school in the Czech Republic with similar rating.

Apart from the graduation certificates and report cards, we also prepare our students for taking international exams from particular subjects. The IT course prepares the students for five years to take “computer driving licence“ – ECDL. Also, students can take international exams in the four mainstream languages; in English the FCE (British Council), in German the ZD (Goethe Institut), in French the DELF (French Institute), and in Spanish the DELE Intermedio (Spain Embassy or Aula Cervantes).

What about the international partnership?

We are very interested in international partnership projects! We have got in touch and kept in touch with many partner schools. We have been participating in a range of international projects, but it does not mean that we are not interested in new contacts!

Of course we can only exchange promotion materials with your school to find in them new inspiration, but we are even more interested in mutual long-term cooperation. As a part of this we can organise together e.g. letter exchange or student exchange programmes, panel discussions, or cooperation in an international programme. Our students take subjects like History of Arts and Architecture and they would be pleased to show you round Prague – a historical jewel in Europe.

In addition to that, there also exists possibility of mutual visits of the reporter teams, teacher exchange, or school manager exchange. We have some experience with all of the mentioned types.

How to contact us?

mail address: Gymnasium Jizni Mesto, Tererova 17, 149 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

phone / fax : 00 420 267 914 553

e-mail: gjm@gjm.cz

web pages:www.gjm.cz

We look forward to our mutual cooperation, and hope we are working toward the same goal!

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